The PL team was split between Harrisburg and the WIHS Regional Show this week. Both camps were hugely successful!!

Merlino PL earned 🥇🥉 in the combined 3’3”/3’6” Greens.

Savannah Shaver and Bon Temps are your ZONE 3 CHAMPION Younger Children’s Hunters & Reserve Champion in the WIHS Regional Younger Children’s Hunters. GOOD LUCK to Savannah and Turtle competing in the Regional Finals at WIHS!!

Christine Nagin and Lincara TWF were speedy and clear to earn 4th in the speed and 5th in the Low Adult Jumper Classic!!

Kate Chan and My Type had great rounds in the 2’9” Modified Adults. This was their first time jumping this height together!!

Our PL North camp was at Harrisburg participating in the NCEA East Finals.

Congratulations Irene & Svengali on their 12th place finish!! Fantastic riding! Special thanks to the team at Don Stewart Stables for helping Irene this week.

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