A fantastic week for Irene & Svengali!

It was a fantastic week for Irene Boehm & Svengali!!
🥉 ASPCA Maclay
6th USHJA Jumping Seat
7th USEF Dover

Congratulations!!! We are very proud of all your hard work!

congratulations to Savannah and Bon Temps

A delayed but heartfelt congratulations to Savannah Shaver and Bon Temps for earning the USHJA Zone 3 Channel 2 Children’s Hunter 14 & Under Horse of the Year Championship! Savannah and Turtle were also 3rd place in Channel 1 standings for 2023.

the Hamel Equitation Championship

This week we tackled age group equitation and the Hamel Equitation Championship at the National Horse Show. Irene set this championship as a target when we started working together in May. After a summer of hard work, she rode beautifully and completed technical courses. Congratulations, Irene. It was a year of growth. We can’t wait to attack next years goals with you and Sven! Special thanks to the entire PL family that watched and supported us from VA! Also a thank you to our sponsors and support staff! It takes a village.

CONGRATULATIONS to Savannah & Turtle

CONGRATULATIONS to Savannah & Turtle on their WIN & CHAMPIONSHIP in the WIHS Regional Hunter Finals for Horses! Special thanks to the entire PL Team that helped coordinate to make this trip to WIHS happen. Also a thank you to our sponsors and support staff! It takes a village

Harrisburg and the WIHS Regional Show

The PL team was split between Harrisburg and the WIHS Regional Show this week. Both camps were hugely successful!!

Merlino PL earned 🥇🥉 in the combined 3’3”/3’6” Greens.

Savannah Shaver and Bon Temps are your ZONE 3 CHAMPION Younger Children’s Hunters & Reserve Champion in the WIHS Regional Younger Children’s Hunters. GOOD LUCK to Savannah and Turtle competing in the Regional Finals at WIHS!!

Christine Nagin and Lincara TWF were speedy and clear to earn 4th in the speed and 5th in the Low Adult Jumper Classic!!

Kate Chan and My Type had great rounds in the 2’9” Modified Adults. This was their first time jumping this height together!!

Our PL North camp was at Harrisburg participating in the NCEA East Finals.

Congratulations Irene & Svengali on their 12th place finish!! Fantastic riding! Special thanks to the team at Don Stewart Stables for helping Irene this week.

Congratulations to Irene Boehm

We are going to KY! Huge congratulations to Irene Boehm for her 3rd place finish in tonight’s Hamel Regional Championship! This win punched her ticket to go to the National Horse Show for Hamel Finals!!

All set up for a great weekend at Lexington National.

All set up for a great week at Lexington National. Good luck to the whole PL Team 🤍
As always, thank you to our sponsors!!

Our week at Rose Mount Farm

Our week at Rose Mount Farm was a scorcher 🔥😂🔥😂🔥😂

Not only was the weather toasty, but the PL crew was on fire with several tri colors and big class wins!

💙 Savannah Shaver finished 🥈 in the zone 3 Sandy Gerald Equitation Championship!! She capped off her weekend with fabulous trips in the Younger Children’s Hunters and 3’ medals Congrats Savannah!

💙 My Type & Kate Chan won an over fences class in a huge group of Low Adult Hunters! Bowie was also champion in the Rose Mount Hunters with Brett in the irons.

💙 Irene Boehm & Svengali won the VHSA Equitation on the flat and had strong equitation rounds all weekend! Irene also had great rounds with Pablo in the high children’s jumpers.

💙 Merlino PL was champion in the 3’3” Green Hunters with Brett in the irons!

HUGE Thank you to the staff and Management at Rose Mount Farm. The Hospitality is unmatched and we are grateful!!

Also a special mention for Sue Jarboe and Victor Piña. Sue keeps us all clean, organized and cared for on the road. Victor is our rock at home. Our horses are meticulously managed by both of these amazing people.

Blue Rock Classic Horse Show

Our second week at Swan Lake Stables for the Blue Rock Classic was a huge success! A few highlights include…

  • Christine Nagin and her horse, Over Achiever, Champion in the middle adult hunters, and GRAND Champion Adult Hunter!
  • Irene Boehm and Pablo riding to top prizes in the .9m and 1.0m Jumpers, including a win in the Stake class!
  • Savannah Shaver and Bon Temps earned top prizes in the Giddings equitation, THIS medal and the younger children’s hunters.
  • Kate Chan’s, My Type earned top prizes in the USHJA hunters with both Brett and Kate in the irons.
  • Merlino PL earned great prizes in the 3‘3“ green hunters as well as fifth place in the $10,000 hunter classic.
Thank you to the management staff for a wonderful two weeks.

St. Christopher’s Horse Show

Not only were Savannah and Bon Temps Champion, they were GRAND CHILDREN’S HUNTER CHAMPION at St. Christopher’s Horse Show!!